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Why is Saint Joseph a fitting guide for us as we seek to discover (or rediscover) the Rosary?

Joseph is the true miracle chosen by God
to save the child and mother with creative courage.
Joseph is rightly called the Mainstay of the Family
and Protector of the Universal Church.
– See Pope Francis, Patris Corde

 Dear Friends,

 Pope Francis offered the faithful his Apostolic Letter, Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart.) to enlighten us during this special year of Saint Joseph.

 This October, the Month of the Rosary, “Go to Joseph.” Grow in the faith with your family. “Be about the Father’s business.” (see Luke 2:49)

 Joseph is our inspiration throughout the month of October, we will be reflecting, praying, and encountering The Mysteries of the Rosary through the eyes of St. Joseph.

 We will be sharing resources each day on all of our social media platforms and hope you will join us.

 With all of the various struggles facing families today, where does the family turn for support, guidance, and help? Let’s go to the person God Himself chose to be the protector and guardian of the Holy Family and of the great family of the Church. “Go to Joseph.” God always finds a way to save us provided we show the same creative courage as Joseph did.

  1. Joseph, a model of discernment, is attentive to the Word of God. (The Annunciation)
  2. Joseph, a model of chastity and freedom, is free from possessiveness. (The Visitation)
  3. Joseph, a model of fatherhood, is chosen by God to be the foster father of Jesus. (The Birth of Our Lord)
  4. Joseph, a model of obedience, follows God’s plan. (The Presentation in the Temple)
  5. Joseph, a model of fortitude, is a mainstay of the family and guardian of the Universal Church. (The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple)

Let’s go to Joseph together this month, as our model and inspiration. Please join us.

Yours in Christ,

Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C.
resident, Holy Cross Family Ministries