Discover Customizable Youth Retreat Programs for Schools Explore our Youth Retreat Programs designed for Secondary and National Schools.
Whether you’re arranging a First Holy Communion or Confirmation Class, preparing Leaving Certificate students, or organizing a memorable school outing, our tailored day-long programs are perfect for your needs.
Our expertly curated activities, discussions, and presentations by the Spiritual Director of the Fr. Peyton Centre ensure an age-appropriate, enriching experience.
Immerse students in meaningful prayer, engaging discussions, and uplifting music as they discover themselves and their peers in a conducive environment. Our goal is to create a positive space for  young individuals.


Empower Adults with Transformative Retreat Days Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our adult retreat days and pilgrim group offerings.
Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or part of a pilgrim group, our programs cater to your needs.
Engage in soul-enriching activities, heartfelt prayer, Eucharistic celebrations, and shared meals under the guidance of our Spiritual Director.
Let the Fr. Peyton Centre be your haven for spiritual growth and rejuvenation.

Elevate Your Pilgrimage Experience with Tailored Tours Calling all tour groups and pilgrims!
Unveil a personalized pilgrimage experience by collaborating with the Spiritual Director of the Centre. Craft programs that align with your group’s unique requirements.
Our comprehensive offering may include spiritual insights, moments of contemplation, meaningful prayer sessions, Eucharistic celebrations, and a delightful meal.

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