Fr. Peyton 1909-1992

Father Peyton’s story began  just outside Attymass in Co. Mayo, on 9th January 1909.
He grew up on a small farm, the sixth of nine children
From boyhood, he wished to join the priesthood, but his family could not afford his education.
At the age of nineteen, he and his brother, Tom, emigrated to the United States to join their sister, Nellie.

America and Education

In the United States, he was given the opportunity to get the education he needed and went on to study for the priesthood.
During his final year in the seminary, he got tuberculosis.
Fr. Patrick was weak and his medical team gave him little hope of recovery.
However, he had great faith and prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

To the amazement of his doctors, his prayers were answered, and his health began to improve.

He was ordained to the priesthood on 15th June 1941.

Prayer Crusades

Giving thanks for his miraculous recover Fr Peyton pledged to bring Family Prayer to ten million homes in America.He believed that family was the cornerstone of society and that prayer was the key to family unity.
He recognised the power of radio and brought his message to the airwaves through his popular radio show.
The Family Theatre

He staged hundreds of radio and television shows with many of the famous movie stars of Broadway and Hollywood helping to spread his message of Family Prayer.

 During his prayer crusade years Fr. Peyton addressed 26,450,000 people.
His biggest gathering of people being in Manila in 1985 where he addressed 2 million people.

He was the founder of
The Family Rosary 

Father Peyton with Gregory Peck

Father Peyton with Bing Crosby

Father Peyton with Bing Crosby

 “The family that prays together stays together”. Venerable Patrick Peyton

Fr. Patrick  Peyton died on June 3, 1992 in Los Angeles, California
his final words were

“Mary, my Queen,my Mother”