Father Peyton Statue

Some information about the Father Peyton Centre;  a visitor centre located  in Attymass Co Mayo,   providing a unique and powerful experience for visitors who come to learn more about the life and work of this renowned Catholic priest.

The centre features exhibits that showcase his life and ministry.
A collection of personal items, photographs, and documents that reflect his devotion to family prayer and the Rosary.

For those seeking a spiritual pilgrimage, the Father Peyton Centre offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
The surrounding countryside, with its beautiful mountains and lakes, provides a breathtaking backdrop for prayer and reflection.


A must-see destination for anyone interested in the life and legacy of Venerable Patrick Peyton.
Come and experience the power of family prayer and the inspiration of this beloved Catholic priest.

In addition,  a variety of events and activities, including retreats and special prayer services take place throughout the year. 

Overnight accommodation is available at the Father Peyton Centre

The  facilities provided by the centre for the locality are very much in demand and we strive to make everything as socially inclusive as possible.
Each Tuesday senior citizens from the surrounding area travel to the centre for Mass, lunch and social activities using the Rural Transport Scheme and the Local Link Bus Services.

All are welcome.