Father Peyton’s Farewell Letter

St Michael’s

40 Castle Avenue



Dear Mothers and Fathers, Husbands and Wives, Sons and Daughters of Ireland – May Our Blessed Mother use me to thank you for all the love and friendship you have so generously lavished upon Her and the Family Rosary Crusade. During these past months, as the Family Rosary Crusade moved into the four provinces of Ireland you have responded with a warmness and love that will never, never leave my heart. God in his graciousness has given this crusade for the Family Rosary the authority, prestige and leadership of very many Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops throughout the World who have brought this crusade to their diocese and have given themselves to Mary millions of families who have pledged themselves to say the daily Family Rosary.

But through all these years it has been the longing of my life, that Ireland Mothers and Fathers and children would give their love and friendship, their faith and backing to this world effort to restore the Family Rosary. I have not been disappointed. I have got from you, dear people of Ireland, a love and warmness and response and I will keep this in my heart until the day I die. Wherever the rallies took place, you turned your homes into shrines of Our Lady. Torrential downpours or cold winds did not deter you from coming out and generously lending your sincerity, your conviction, your bodies your souls to help effectively Our Blessed Mother in her efforts to bring to the family every day the friendship, the love and friendship, the love and protection of God himself.

Bidding farewell to you, I will say, and I am sure Our Blessed Mother will confirm it, that the faith, the living faith and the love of God in the men and women of Ireland today will place them side by side with the best men and women Ireland ever produced. I am lonesome leaving you, very lonesome, but I will as best I can, while I live, in my Masses and prayers try to pay back my debt to you – the dear people of God and Mary in Ireland for what you have done for the Family Rosary Crusade. For the convenience of those who have already done so, I would like to suggest you sign your name on the Family Rosary Pledge on the back of this souvenir as a symbol of your great love for Our Lady and Her Rosary.

The greatest part of my debt has now been paid as I say my heartfelt thanks to the Hierarchy, Clergy and Religious who made this victory possible for Our Blessed Mother.

I offer my thanks to all the newspapers for helping the Crusade, particularly the Board of Directors, the Editor and the staff of the “Irish Independent” for having in this souvenir paid so great a tribute to the Family Rosary Crusade.

May God and Mary love bless and protect you always.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ and Mary

Taken from Irish Independent Souvenir of Father Peyton Rosary Crusade in Ireland 1954