History of the Rosary

Pious tradition says that St Domnic was taught the Rosary by the Blessed Mother but there is no proof of that. Historical records tell us that Pope Alexander V1 urged the faithful to pray the Rosary in a message he wrote in 1495. Popes down through the years have since support devotion to the Rosary. It rapidly became one of the most popular forms of prayer among Catholics. Praying the Rosary had become an everyday form of worship in homes throughout the world. The Rosary has been promoted by renowned Catholics i.e Pope John Paul 11, Fr Patrick Peyton C.S.C. and Mother Teresa.

The attraction of the Rosary is strong, it provides a way of praying that believers want, a way of praying that is tangible and meditative at the same time. The Rosary beads in our hands are the physical representations of the prayers we are offering.

On October 16th. 2002 Pope John Paul II introduced a new mystery, the Mystery of Light, focussing on Christ’s ministry while on earth and this beautiful mystery is now recited on a Thursday.