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Fr Peyton Anniversary Mass

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


A large congregation joined us in the celebration of the Father Peyton Anniversary Mass on Sunday 6th July 2014. Chief Celebrant was Bishop Brendan Kelly with concelebrants Fr William Melody C.S.C and Fr Tom Mulligan P.P.

Bishop Kelly expressed his thanks for being invited to celebrate the Anniversary Mass of Fr. Peyton’s death.

In the introduction of his homily Bishop Brendan said

Fr Peyton was always referred to as ‘Father’ Peyton…never Pat or Paddy or Sir or Mister…You couldn’t imagine it even… Father is the most wonderful title…central to the Gospel we hear today which is a prayer of Jesus…and the title Fr. Peyton loved most  of all, was ‘Mother’…the Blessed Mother.These two words as titles used from the heart is what our Catholic faith is all about, what life is about, in time and for eternity.

Celebrant of the Father Peyton Anniversary Mass Bishop Brendan Kelly DD (centre)
Concelebrants- Fr Tom Mulligan P.P (left) & Fr William Melody C.S .C (right)


The first reading was read by Mary Dawson, niece of Father Patrick Peyton.

In his homily Bishop Brendan referred to the “year of prayer” being held in our diocese.

’“The idea of praying for our diocese emerged from a small group of people who gathered to discuss what might be done to renew the faith at a time when there is radical continuing decline in religious practice in all our parishes. The desire was, that all people would discover the call to be a disciple. To live out what we have become in baptism and then the idea of praying for the diocese for a whole year emerged. A prayer was composed by lay people that not just prayer groups etc would pray, but all people in church, or at home or on their own would pray.”

The year Bishop Brendan was ordained Bishop for the Diocese of Achonry was the year the Father Peyton Memorial Centre was preparing to celebrate the centenary year of Fr Peyton’s birth 2009.

The Family that prays together stays together”….”A world at prayer is a world at peace”

Bishop Brendan had hoped that the centenary year might trigger a renewal of prayer in the diocese

We all know that many homes and therefore many hearts do not know prayer nowadays. So many other things….things….fill our every minute, every day God gives. Lives so full there is no room for God.

Last year the Holy Father had proclaimed a year of faith. A call to us all to ponder the gift of faith and to be renewed in our belief in Jesus Christ. But can there be faith without prayer? Surely the heart of the Christian Faith is being in a relationship with God, Father of us all and each one of us individually. That our primary task on the face of the earth, being a family, united ,reconciled, loving one another…and that’s not about simply feeling good about each other, but rather giving our lives for each other no matter what we feel.



“Inviting and exhorting people to come to this realisation was what Fr Peyton dedicated his whole life to, what he preached all over the world, the source of personal and communal peace, harmony and love.

We are praying for our diocese this year that all our people, our households, families and parishes will become where the real conversation with our Father in the company and Jesus and the saints come alive. It is a first and critical step in renewing our faith and our church in the 21st century.”

“How better to remember Fr. Peyton today than to join in prayer.”


Della Ginley, Manager of the Father Peyton Memorial Centre led the congregation in prayer for the beatification Father Peyton.



The Father Peyton cluster choir led by Mary Gilroy added immensely to the celebration of the Anniversary Mass. The choir comprises of parishioners from Killasser, Straide, Bonniconlon Attymass and Foxford parishes.